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General information

Please book your time slot online. For short-term bookings you can contact us by mail or phone. Please show up on time at the booked time.

Some physical fitness is precondition for a successful course of the game. If you have any concerns (physical and psychological) please talk about it with your game master.

Your gamemaster will constantly watch you. All our rooms have cameras with microphones installed. In an emergency situation, we are able to help immediately. The doors are never really locked during the game. If there is a situation where a door is in fact locked, there will be a designated emergency button.

If you are stuck, the game master will gladly help you and give you a little hint.

It is not necessary to use force or violence to solve the puzzles. What is not easy to use, has nothing to do with the game, or you may still lack some clues.

After the game there will be a short debriefing of your mission and of course, a photo. You are welcome to hang out in our lounge and talk about your adventure a little bit more. If you liked the game, we would be really happy about your reviews on Tripadvisor, Facebook or Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

The appointment is locked for 15 minutes. Please try again later. If it doesn't work, don't hesitate to contact us.

It’s a real-time game, which consist of solving riddles in order to break out of a room or solve a mission. The riddles are in theme of the room and the story.

The goal is to do this within 60 minutes. It’s important to work together as a team!

Friends, Family, Coworkers: A Live Escape Game is suitable for anyone, who likes riddles, discovering secrets and exploring.

Your team should contain 2 - 6 persons.

Basically we recommend our rooms for adults and teenagers from 14 years. Accompanied by adults, younger guests are welcome to join. The prices are the same for all participants regardless of age.

Our ambition was to build one of the best Escape Rooms in Switzerland. We want to offer an extraordinary experience. At the moment, we have one game: The Heist 1847. We built the entire room ourselves, including all riddles, construction, design of the rooms and mechanisms. For the programming we had awesome support from Elektronik Workshop

If you are not done after 60 minutes, we offer the possibility of extending the game for 15 minutes (giving an agreed signal, small extra fee, will be communicated on site)
So let’s say you are XNUMX minutes into the game and feel like you are really close, or maybe just want to experience the story to the end, you can choose to extend the game. But of course it is not mandatory.

In case you don't finish the game, we will come get you and and bring you back to the lounge.

We are located right next to the train station Baden in the building above the Migros, opposite the bus station. Baden can be reached within 15 minutes by train from Zurich Mainstation.

If you travel by car, there is a lot of parking in the „Bahnhofsparkhaus“. Enter the Bahnhofparking, and inside turn right into the Migros Parking and take the elevator at the very end (Bahnhofstrasse 42) to the first floor.

Enthusiasm and Team spirit.

Nothing else is needed fort he game. Mobile Phones, Bags, Purses and other valuables need be stored and locked in at the reception area.

There are no horror elements in our games. Nevertheless, your adrenalin will be high!

The entrance door of the escape room is unlocked during the whole course of the game. If there is a situation where a door is in fact locked, there will be a designated emergency button. The game master will watch you constantly through the cameras that are installed in all rooms and can intervene immediately if somebody needs to leave the room.

It is possible, that space is rather tight during the game (especially in groups with XNUMX players) and all players have to walk through more or less narrow pathways. If you are still unsure, please talk to the game master or contact us in advance.

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