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Escape Rooms are a unique activity for team events. The collaboration that Escape Rooms needs to be used is also essential in everyday life. It's also a lot of fun to spend time with colleagues in an unfamiliar environment. Even with bachelorette parties, school trips and other group events, an escape room is often chosen.

We have two rooms which can be played totally simultaneously with 11 persons. (6 persons in the foray, 5 people in the forbidden city)

Appointments are also possible outside the regular opening hours.

Below you will find the process according to the size of the group. We ask you to send inquiries to the following e-mail address: event@timemaze.ch

You can normally reserve an appointment via the booking tool. The Heist 1847 is maximally playable with 6 persons, and The forbidden city with 5 people at the same time.

You split up. A group plays The Heist 1847that other group plays The forbidden city 1901 (6 persons maximum in the foray, 5 persons in the forbidden city)

Please allow for a stay of approx. 1.5 - 2 hours. For the appointment request / offer please contact us by mail event@timemaze.ch

It's best to contact us by email to discuss everything (event@timemaze.ch)

Basically, events with this number of people are only possible if the teams arrive staggered with us. Unfortunately, we have limited space in the reception / lounge area.

Unfortunately, we can not accept groups larger than 22 persons for space reasons. Recommendations for other escape rooms or possibilities are available on request. Please contact us event@timemaze.ch

Basically, we recommend the game from about 14 years. An adult supervisor must be present.

For school classes we offer special prices. Please contact us for an appointment request / offer by mail event@timemaze.ch

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