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The forbidden city 1901

You open your eyes. Panic voices sound like from afar on your ears. What's going on here?

You do not know much about your mission yet - except that in the year 1901 on the grounds of Brown, Boveri & Cie. takes place. And you have just arrived. You are a bit dizzy when you stand up with your colleagues and stand in front of a white door with the name C.Brown on the mailbox.

There is a lot going on here on the BBC - Areal, which is called because of the access restriction the name "The Forbidden City". All the more so now, because a terrifying message has panicked Brown's circle of trust. Brown has disappeared, his office devastated! Everything is thrown about, drawers rummaged through, leaves flutter around. The secretary found only a meaningless, incomprehensible letter on Brown's desk.

Walter Boveri personally summoned you in the hope that you could solve the mystery of his colleague - before the press learns about his disappearance. The circumstances are very mysterious - but you can already feel that tingling sensation in your fingers that, as always, makes you feel adventurous, and you can not wait to solve the mystery in the Forbidden City!

2 to 5 persons

Suitable for advanced players. For beginners, we recommend playing our space raid 1847 first.

Important instructions


All participants must crawl through narrower passages (70 x 70cm), climb and stay in small rooms. (in which you can not stand upright)

Unfortunately, this room is not suitable for people who are physically handicapped or who suffer from claustrophobia.

Otherwise, no special skills or prior knowledge is needed. Please do not wear delicate clothes, skirts are not recommended. High heels are not allowed in the room.

The room is not recommended for children under 14 years, and is only possible up to 16 years when accompanied by at least one adult.

Your safety is always granted (constant camera surveillance & emergency buttons that immediately open all doors)

The game includes none Horror elements.

By booking the appointment, you confirm that all your team members have been informed about these requirements and have accepted them.

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